I strongly believe in starting a new hobby every ten years or so. It is important to use the other side of one's brain! Here are some of the results of nearly three decades of fascination with quilting. In the past ten years I have begun adding more free motion quilting. Maybe I was due for a new hobby 10 years ago!

Exploring the Physics of Motion, 2019. 80"x80," (right) depicts position-time and velocity-time graphs for a few examples of segmented uniform motion and includes acceleration-time graphs for a three examples of accelerated motion. See if you can figure out which graphs belong together. A pattern for this quilt is available on my Etsy page.

Square Garden, 1994, 24" x 24"

Curved Paths, 1995, 60 x 42"

Bargello Fall Forest, 1996; Free-motion quilted, 2021; 42"x72"

Behind the Fence - Bargello, 1997, 60" x 56"

Sampler with free-motion quilting, 2013, 72" x 58"

Watercolor Quilt 1999, 36"x 72"

Fall Diamond, 2016, approx 54" x 80"